West Creek Elementary

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Important Information

Saturday School March 18, 2017

Saturday School is provided for students to make up one absence.  Students will be working on normal day academics.  We hope to see you at Saturday School if you need to make up at least one absence.

College Day at West Creek

Students in 3rd grade are researching colleges they would like to attend someday.  After they have all their information, they present the information to their class.  As the students listen to the presentations, they decide what college would be best for them.  Now comes the time to design their own shirt so they can wear them on Thursdays for College Attire Day.  Talking to our students about college at an early age will help them set goals to attend college.

Classroom Activities

Students in our 5th grade classrooms are experiencing STEM activities!  The Snowflake Challenge allows students to create a snowflake on a budget.  

Start Time 8:10 AM

End Time For: Grade K - 3 Grade 4 - 5
Regular Day 2:24 PM 2:29 PM
Tuesday 1:39 PM 1:44 PM
90 Minute Out 12:54 PM 12:59 PM